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8 Helpful Tips For Washing your Saree at Home

8 Helpful Tips For Washing your Saree at Home

Sarees have to be the most exotic, exquisite piece of clothing that have adorned the woman. Every single type of saree, whether a handwoven cotton from Shantipur in West Bengal, a silk saree from the interiors of Tamil Nadu, or an ikat print on linen from Jaipur, carries with it a history, and is inevitably a conversation piece.


Just with any expensive piece of clothing, good things need to be well taken care of. 

So how do you care of your favourite sarees, especially the luxurious fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and linen? You might be surprised to learn that dry cleaning is not the only option for washing your sarees. Just like any delicate piece of fabric, sarees made of any natural fibre need special care.

General wash care tips for sarees

Sarees that don’t lose their colours can be washed in the washing machine under a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. Any temperature above this can harm the fabric. There is a risk of it getting ruined through improper storage or wash. So here is a detailed guide to caring for your sarees

For most sarees, especially cottons, soak it before washing for 10 to 15 minutes in a bucket of warm water mixed with rock salt. Ensure you use mild detergents and avoid drying it in direct sunlight.

How to wash sarees of different fabric at home

Sarees are usually given for dry cleaning as it is the best way of cleaning them but you might be surprised that dry cleaning is not only the option for washing your sarees. You can wash your delicate silk sarees at home as well. Let’s see how you can wash your different fabric sarees at home.

1. How to Wash Silk Sarees at Home?

At the first never wash a silk saree in the washing machine. If you want to wash it at home then first conduct a test by washing a small corner of the saree and check if the saree colour runs or not.

Master the art of washing silk sarees at home. So, for that, you need to check out our easy step by step guide.

1. Do not use a detergent in the first couple of washes.

2. After 3–4 plain water wash, use a bucket with cold water and add some drops of detergent in it. Please use a very mild detergent because strong chemical detergents can damage the saree.

3. Gently pull your saree up and down for almost three to five minutes to remove any dirt on it.

4. Take your saree and rinse under the cold water until it has been completely washed out

5. Soak up the extra moisture through a towel and never twist or wring out silk garments because that will damage the fabric

6. Do not dry the saree under direct sunlight whether you’re dealing with any silk garments. You can safely use the above steps to effectively clean your sarees at home.

2. How to Wash Cotton Sarees at Home?

Cotton fabric can be easily washed in the washing machine because warm water does not hurt the fabric. Always use chlorine bleach safely on white cotton sarees. Higher heat is needed to dry the cotton saree because cotton fabric takes time to get dry. Cotton sarees can be ironed with a hot iron.

1. The important rule of washing cotton sarees is always starch cotton sarees, after the wash to ensure that they retain their crispness.

3. How to Wash Linen Sarees at Home?

Linen sarees are machine washable but some needs dry clean only. Linen sarees can be machine washed easily and become softer with use. White Linen sarees should be dry in the sunlight to retain their whiteness.

4. How to Wash Micro-Fibre Sarees at Home?

Some Microfiber sarees like acrylic, nylon, and polyester can be machine washable, machine dryable and dry cleanable. Always use warm water and add a fabric softener during the rinse cycle. Remove the saree from the tumbling cycle as soon as completed and always dry the saree at a low temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washing Different Sarees

If the above guide didn’t answer all your washing sarees related questions, our FAQ section will most definitely will!

1. How to remove stains from a silk saree at home

Removing stains from silk sarees gets? tougher as it dries. Use lemon juice or white vinegar and then do handwash in the washing machine as mentioned in the instructions above

2. Can you wash silk sarees when it says dry clean only?

The label is only for the recommendation that how the item should be washed and it means that a piece of cloth is very delicate and it’s safer to take it to a professional.

3. Can you use regular detergent on your silk sarees?

Yes, you can use a regular detergent but remember it doesn’t have any strong chemicals. You can wash your sarees in a machine at a low temperature or in a gentle cycle by using a regular delicate detergent.

4. Can you use shampoo to wash silk?

Yes, you can use baby shampoos to wash your silk items. Silk is a very delicate fabric that should be washed by using a mild detergent. Baby shampoos don’t contain any harsh chemicals that will harm your sarees so, you can safely use baby shampoos as a detergent.

Sarees are preserved by many women for ages and passed on to other generations without losing their luster or feel. Use the above guide to wash your delicate sarees and keep them as it is.


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